Staff Weekend


Staff from all four trips gathered at the Deaton house over Memorial Day to talk about all things TWB. We laughed at the good memories from past years, learned important details of our trip, and even practiced pitching tents. We are SO excited to be traveling out west with you all this summer, we can hardly wait! For now, here are some highlights from this weekend as we plan for the big trip out west!

Staff from all four trips!

Reminiscing about our days as participants on TWB.

The one and only, Dennis Deaton!!

Oh yes, we stuffed our faces with BBQ.

Capped the first day by watching viral youtube videos. 

Taking selfies across America is one of our favorite hobbies.

Practice makes perfect when pitching a tent. Fingers crossed we won't have to use them.
Session 2 Trip 1 counselors can't wait to see you on July 14th!