Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center

Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center 

Hey from the Happys! We woke up at 5:30 this morning to the orange sunrise peeking through the screened windows of our cozy YMCA cabin in Custer, South Dakota. As the YMCA members began to arrive for their morning workouts, we completed our jobs and packed our stuff so we could be on the road by 6:15.

Everyone (excluding Joseph of course) caught up on some zzz’s until it was time for breakfast. Our breakfast was chocolate, chocolate chip, blueberry, lemon poppy seed, and banana nut muffins with Gogurt. The first rest stop of the day was in Lusk, Wyoming. Seats were switched as we headed back into the vans and bus and onto our next stop at a Flying J. Many racked up on sweets, cinnabon, and pizza as a pre-lunch snack. Our real lunch, provided by the Sleepys, was turkey & cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls with Great Value Cheez-its and applesauce.

Driving into Denver, we were awed by the city skyline next to the Rocky Mountains. We arrived shortly after to the Air Force Academy and were greeted by Cadet Addison Smith (2013 TWB participant)!! He told us what it takes to get into the Academy and what the college life is like before leading us into the Cadet Chapel. The church was gorgeous with colorful stained glass windows and an organ on the balcony. As we were leaving, it started to rain, so we rushed to the visitor’s center where we used the restroom and kissed the cadet (on the cheek J). Carolina Girl made a pit stop to replace her spare tire while we were visiting. So, those riding in the van had to hop on the bus to get to our next stop at the Olympic Training Center.

We felt patriotic as we arrived at the Olympic Training Center and watched an introduction video before splitting into two groups for a tour. During the tours, we caught glimpses of athletes at work in their state of the art facilities. We saw the gymnastics gym, volleyball and basketball court, swimming pools, boxing and wrestling rings, shooting range, weight room, and the innovative sports therapy room. They even had a zero-gravity treadmill! We got our Team USA gear at the gift shop before heading to Colorado College- our home for the night.

An intense game of “rock, paper, scissors” was played as we waited for the women’s volleyball coach of Colorado College to tell us about the school.  After Rick Swan’s talk, participants shared their own research. Wyatt Austin gave us information the great state of Colorado. Claire Carter told us about the Olympic Training Center as she was dressed in patriotic colors. Emma Roby shared facts about Colorado College. Avery Walker informed us about her dad’s alma mater, the Air Force Academy! We were also so excited to find out that our dinner tonight was Domino’s pizza, soda, and cookies! We don’t remember pizza tasting so good. Our leader, Dallas, moved the extra pizza boxes to a picnic table across the field and told us seconds were only available to whoever got there the fastest, without running, and gave her a compliment.

After a quick meeting in the gymnasium of Colorado College, we unpacked the bus and continued prepping for our dance competition. Groups began to put on their elaborate costumes consisting of: raincoats, sunglasses, bathing suits, hats, and towels. Each group had their own interpretation of the song “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. Laughter and cheers quickly filled the gym. Congrats to the Dopeys, who won the competition…although we still had a fantastic time.

Arriving to the Air Force Academy

Cadet Addison Smith

Cadet Chapel

Kissing the Cadet tradition

Olympic Training Center!!

The olympic rings

Ultimate Rock, Papper, Scissors 

Coach Rick Swan

Claire Carter told us about the Olympic Training Center 
Wyatt Austin gave us information the great state of Colorado
Emma Roby shared facts about Colorado College

Avery Walker informed us about her dad’s alma mater, the Air Force Academy! 

Ready for our dance competition!






Our winners, the Dopeys!

This is our last day of blogging and we have been so Happy to tell y’all about our adventures! The Happys are signing off!!