Day 2- New Orleans

Day 2: New Orleans

HEY EVERYBODY!!!! It’s the Bashfuls again!! Today we woke up bright and early at 5:45 AM. We sluggishly loaded our belongings onto the bus and vans and took off before sunrise. The first thing we did was say ADIOS to the pecan capital of the world, Georgia, and hello to sweet home Alabama! We changed time zones and realized we had to correct our watches (no worries though, our handy Wal-Mart brand Spider-man watches were an easy fix). Shortly after leaving Georgia we arrived at Auburn University, where we took a fun bus tour (thanks Grant) of the agricultural campus, and then we took a group picture in front of the clock tower. Christian Arthur and Brandon Ruff amazed us with their on point research about Alabama and Auburn University. After Auburn we made a quick Wal-Mart stop to get some supplies for a travel breakfast and lunch (and to raid the Auburn university section). We then took off through Alabama into Mississippi, where Hannon Herring presented on the state of Mississippi, and we learned that the dollar sign was invented there!!

 After another riding stretch (filled with more get-to-know-you games, name-game competitions, dance parties, music mash-ups, etc.) we ended up in the Big Easy - New Orleans! We walked to the Mississippi River where Sophie Butler told us more about the river. Also, Emily Beck discussed the state of Louisiana, Holly Skipper talked about Bourbon Street, Lizz Byrd wowed us with her knowledge of Café du Monde. Morgan Edwards spoke about Jackson Square, and our Bashful brother John Durkin told us about the St. Louis Cathedral (he informed us about the haunting singing of a priest who is buried there – yikes!). We then travelled to Café du Monde for some Beignets and other snacks. After the Café, we adventured through the French Quarter, where we bought souvenirs and other gifts for friends and family. We listened to Jazz on Bourbon Street, were amazed by street performers, were serenated by locals singing some karaoke, and Kate Williams even learned that there was a way to pump gas without having to hold down the handle the whole time.  We worked on our photography skills as we took pictures of anything and everything we could. Around 5:00 this afternoon, we departed from New Orleans and began our journey to Fountain Bleu State Park, where we get the luxury of mattresses and a ROOF again! Louisiana’s state bird, the mosquito, also greeted us with open arms as soon as we stepped foot out of the vehicles. Whoohoo.

Once we made it to our campsite, cooks went off to make us gourmet spaghetti tacos while the rest of us unloaded the vehicles, cleaned the buses, claimed the beds, practiced our skit competitions for tonight, and made an Eno Village!!!  

After an amazing meal of spaghetti tacos (thanks for planting the idea iCarly), we had a FIERCE “Dixieland Delight” skit competition between all the groups. The incredible show resulted in a tie between the Sleepys and Happys! We capped the night with the distribution of our TWB gear and got ready for a great night’s sleep in air-conditioned cabins!

Go War Eagles!

Is that clock wrong or did we enter a different time zone?

Brandon Ruff with some cool facts about Auburn University
Christian Arthur told us all about the state of Alabama

We have school spirit!
Our sixth state of the trip!
Hannon Herring representing us (Bashfuls) strongly with his research on the state of Mississippi
Kate Williams is now a pro at pumping gas

We hit the road (rodeo) to the Big Easy

We arrived at New Orleans!

Our awesome counselors!

Emily Beck told us about the state of Louisiana

Holly Skipper presented her research on Bourbon Street

John Durkin told us about St. Louis Cathedral

Sophie Butler had a great presentation on the Mississippi River

Lizz Byrd had interesting information on Café Du Monde
Then we ate at Café Du Monde

We cooled off in St. Louis Cathedral

We were off to our campsite after a fun time in the city

The Happys got food while the rest of us did our duties at the campsite
We set up Eno Villages while dinner was being prepared

The Dopey group after a great skit of "Dixieland Delight"

Sneezy group did awesome!

Sleepys were awake!

Happys made their own version of the song

Grumpys had a full band performance
Of course we rocked the show! 

We are already making so many friends and memories. We can’t wait to see what the big ole state of Texas holds tomorrow! 4:45 is going to come EARLY, so ta-ta for now!!!!