Day 1- Sendoff & LaGrange

Day 1: LaGrange College

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!! We are the Bashfuls (although we aren’t actually bashful). We are SO hype to start this trip. We immediately started meeting people and talking to everyone. We're trying our best to remember everyone’s names… The few people we do know, in the very best bashful group are: Alyssa Powell, Lizz Byrd, Sarah Tolbert, Alex Slaughter, Claire Carter, Lily McGrath, Vivian Cline, Christian Arthur, Payton Dyksterhouse, Gillian Walter, Caroline Harris, John Durkin, and Hannon Herring J

When we got to the church this morning, many of us were ecstatic to see so many new friends! Some of us were nervous and scared to embark on such a long journey…without our phones…yes, we’re all going through withdrawals. We piled onto the buses and vans, said our good byes and didn’t look back!

On the bus people began speed dating!! Some off us got smacked in Uno, phase 10 and Go Fish until we stopped at our first Flying J for a quick bathroom break and to fill the vans with gas.

While driving through Atlanta’s 2pm rush hour, we jammed to some 1D, Miley Cyrus, Lip Gloss, and of course Bon Jovi. We ate some “incredible” lunches of ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches. Kate Williams had her FIRST sandwich!!!! She said “it’s okay.” We were informed that mayonnaise is good for hair care… for both boys and girls (who knew?!).

When we stopped at our first Walmart, the Happy group rushed off together to get our food for our next meals! Some of us took naps only to be caught on the infamous Slump Cam!! Everyone on Carolina Girl was woken up to Party in the USA blaring over the speakers, while Kaitlyn woke up those of us on the bus with “wake up everyone we’re at Walmart.”

At Walmart our cooks, the Happys, got burgers, charcoal, cookies, chips, and watermelon (the biggest ones they saw). Some of us got our Rolex Moana watches while others bought snacks and blankets. After the Happy group got all the food packed into the vans, we headed to Lagrange College where the Vice President of Enrollment, Joseph Miller, talked us to about the college’s history and admissions process. Madison Price presented her research topic on the state of Georgia while Alyssa Powell rapped about LaGrange and blew us away-if only she had a beat!

After dinner and chores we all gathered on the fields of LaGrange College to participate in some super fun team building activities! As we ran across the fields, we heard thunder in the distance, which led to us to spend the night inside the sanctuary of the gym. We can’t wait to wake up super early tomorrow and experience the adventure that lies ahead in New Orleans! This is the Bashfuls (The best group) signing off, we’ll talk to you tomorrow! We miss you all but we're having a BLAST!

Dennis Deaton giving us a few last words of wisdom before we embark on this journey.

All smiles on the bus

Carolina Girl (the van) had a few post-lunch nappers

Atlanta's 2pm rush hour
Our first (of many) Walmart stops


Check-out time

Packing all of the delicious food

Madison Price had a great research presentation on the state of Georgia

Alyssa Powell rocking her research about LaGrange College

Joseph Miller telling us more about the college

A few walk-ons for LaGrange's football team

Yours truly (Bashfuls) working on the blog

Grill Master Preston Bisson

The Happy's are smiling for successfully cooking gourmet burgers

 Tent representatives (one from each group) practicing how to pitch a tent in case we ever need to during the trip!

Happy's pre-relay chant

Logan Trotter did a backflip for the Grumpy's cheer

The Sleepy's cheer

Bashful's intimidating the competition with our pre-relay chant

Dopey's cheer

Sneezy's had to sneeze

Let the relays begin!

The first sing-a-long of the summer!

Our last song for "Today"